The Pickles Family

This photograph, from Mrs Leslie Smith, is of the Pickles Family. Who we believed lived in Manor Street, Brompton.



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I thought you would like to know the names of the people in the photo of the Pickles Family.  I have spoken to my sister who remembers them and was friends with the children. We think the photo was taken about 1937. From the left top the oldest girl was Joan below was Lilly then below her was Sheila. The baby on Mrs Pickles lap would be Pauline or Joey, on the right hand side is Bill and below him is Joyce. The Pickles lived at number 24 Manor Street and our family lived opposite at number 24 Manor Street.

Gerald Daw - 11/10/2014 15:51

cannot help with photo but would be really interested to know if you can remember a family that lived at no.22 manor street. The Husbands name was George Arundell and he was a Telegraphist in the Royal Navy, His wife was called Margaret and she was from Scotland and there was a baby Boy born 1934 called George William Arundell and in 1929 when they lived in Wood Street there was a daughter called Josephine. By 1936 they had moved to Portland where George died shortly after and I have reason to believe that Margaret then moved back to Chatham area.any info would be appreaciated

maureen h - 06/07/2015 15:10

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